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SeCS - Serials in Health Sciences

SeCS - Collective Catalog

The collective catalog SeCS - Serials in Health Sciences is a catalog of scientific journals produced in a cooperative way by the institutions of the Virtual Health Library through the Latin American and Caribbean of Health Sciences Information System.

The SeCS catalog is used for the register of bibliographic dates of scientific journals in health sciences indexed on LILACS and MEDLINE databases and the respective collections of the cooperative libraries of VHL.

For titles and collections description it is used the SeCS Methodology, a system developed by BIREME and distributed as part of the LILACS Methodology for the cooperative libraries of the System. For bibliographic description of the journals titles is used the ISBD(S) - International Standard Bibliographic Description (Serials) norm. Weekly the libraries send to BIREME the update dates of its collections for the Catalog.

The Catalog’s main objectives are to provide the visibility and sharing of the collections among the libraries of the System, the rationalization, the increase of the resources and the efficient access to technical and scientific information in health sciences in the Region. The SeCS catalog is an important source of information that makes possible the operation of the SCAD Service, that provides copies of scientific documents for the VHL users.

The SeCS Catalog is integrated with the SCAD - Cooperative Service for Accessing Documents and provides the automatic identification of the library responsible for a specific journal or fasciculus, directing the photocopies requests for the Cooperative Libraries of the Service.

Access for the SeCS Catalog: Portal of Scientific Journals.

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